Popfolio is a digital media network.

Our titles include: fashion portal Tongue in Chic, Poskod.MY, an online magazine about city, community, and culture in the Klang Valley; PopTeeVee, an online TV network consisting of cult favourites That Effing Show, Giler Selamba Jane and #TanyaYB; movie website Uma & Joe at the Movies, urban Malaysian Mom portal MakChic, an instagram food review site, Omnomgnome, an educational platform, Englishjer, and indie music site, The Wknd.

Popfolio conceptualises and produces original creative content in the form of podcasts, videos, websites and digital campaigns to help connect brands with their audience. We are a small, but dynamic team who believes in the freedom of expression and good content.


Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Tongue in Chic is a platform for fashion news, trends, talent, shopping and beauty from around the World. Founded in 2008 by Joyce Wong of Kinkybluefairy and Adrian Yap of Freeform, Tongue in Chic has grown into the definitive voice of fashion in South East Asia.


PopTeeVee is a web TV network that is part of the Popfolio Network, a PopDigital Company.

Our primary objective is to engage with young Malaysians to help create a far more democratic media space. Rather than being reduced to mere consumers, we’d like to see young Malaysians create their own media experience. 


Poskod.MY is an online magazine about city, community and culture based in the Klang Valley. We tell stories about Malaysian life: people, places and ideas.


Get yourself on UmaAndJoe.com for your weekly flick fix - from previews to reviews to general film related banter. It is everything you've ever wanted from an online show about movies hosted by two guys named Uma and Joe. No. Really. We promise.


From new music releases, events, to new music discoveries, The Wknd gives you an insight into the ever growing alternative and independent music scene in Malaysia and it’s neighboring countries. Our team consists of independent producers, videographers, musicians and writers, that contributes almost voluntarily to the website.


Makchic is an online mother’s portal for urban Malaysian mothers. Makchic recognises the growing number of urban mothers looking for both traditional and non-traditional content about pregnancy, childbirth, and raising your first-child.


A gluttonous gnome of the omnom species, I seek sustenance to fuel my nightly garden visits.


Englishjer strives to convince youths that English is really not that hard using a combination of wits, social media, and get-togethers. Englishjer has since grown to have its own Youtube channel and blog, also appearing in various news sites and print media as a champion for alternative ways of learning. 



Hardesh Singh


Hardesh is the founder of PopDigital — a multi-disciplinary digital practice with interests in a variety of new-media operations. A highly sought-after creative shop in Malaysia, PopDigital's diverse portfolio include the Popfolio Network (comprising of PopTeeVee, Tongue in Chic, Poskod, Makchic, The Wknd and Popiah), a digital agency arm (The Greatest Hits), the #Bettercities initiative to improve urban living, and the annual Cooler Lumpur Festival.


Yin Peng

Financial Advisor, PopDigital

In her previous life, Yin Peng spent most of her time in ultra corporate organisations where life, hopes, and dreams are crushed and handed back to you in a snazzy namecard holder. When she finally saw the light, she joined PopDigital alongside her full-time role as a new mummy.


Ching Yee

Chief Operating Officer, PopDigital

Ching Yee holds a bachelors degree in Psychology and spent the first years of her career as a bright-eyed management consultant specialising in psychometric assessments (yikes), terrorising employees in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei. After a tumultuous quarter-life crisis, she stumbled onto the role as a producer, and eventually went back to terrorising employees as PopDigital's COO.


Lyn Ong

Visual Designer, Popfolio Network

Lyn used to be in the visual effects industry and worked on Hollywood movies for three years after graduating as an Animation major. Deciding to take the plunge, she took up an internship at Poskod.My, and her career path took on a series of twists and turns before settling as a visual designer. While she occasionally misses the thrill of seeing her work and name up on the big screen, she enjoys being able to combine her love for design, words, and photography in one place.



Visual Designer, Popfolio Network

Kit was once a sweet-faced designer dabbling in icy desserts, overpriced hand creams, heavy-duty feet covers and several socially-aware projects. He's still a sweet-faced designer, except now he helps make Popfolio look good (trust him when he says it beats overpowering scents and smelly boots). When he's not whipping visual magic, he's off travelling somewhere in search of spiritual guidance and a good 'ole session of people-watching.


Ling Low

Editor-in-Chief, Poskod.MY

Ling is a writer, editor and filmmaker forever in search of good food. As well as Poskod.MY, her work has appeared in Time Out KL, Esquire Malaysia, The B-Side and The Independent.


Myra Mahyuddin

Editor-in-Chief, MakChic

Myra is the Editor-in-Chief of Makchic, a portal for urban Malaysian mothers. She has previously worked in magazine editorial and media monitoring. She is a mother to a cheeky baby boy named Noah.


Kathryn Rao

Editorial Associate, Popfolio Network

Kathryn Rao is a Fashion Design graduate and an avid animal lover who was born and raised in The Gulf. She is currently aiming to master the art of multitasking as an Editorial Associate for Makchic, Tongue in Chic and Poskod. Even though she has taken up a full-time job with us, she has made sure that she doesn't stray too far from fashion, art and design – Hand her a paintbrush, and you've lost her for good.


Stephanie Boey

Editorial Associate, Popfolio Network

Fresh out of university, Stephanie left the life of laboratories and test tubes and first joined us as an editorial intern before officially hopping on board the PopDigital team as an editorial associate. In her spare time, she struggles to complete her never-ending list of books to read, movies to watch and things to buy. The best way to get her attention? 2 words: Free food.


Faiq Syazwan Kuhiri

Producer, PopTeeVee

Faiq Syazwan Kuhiri works as a video producer for Popteevee. He is also an actor/performer and collaborator of devised theatre. After working hours, he throws himself into team-oriented creative projects, in theatre, independent films, or in front of an open mic.


Syamsul Azhar

Videographer, PopStudio

Also known as Sam. He is a videographer, photographer, a film-maker and a lighting designer. He is a film and performing arts graduate. Sam loves technology and the arts.


Qayyum Jumadi

Associate Producer, Englishjer

Qay goes by many names, because not many people can pronounce "Qayyum" properly - but his ideas and perspective are as diverse as his pseudonyms (according to him). Graduated law but passionately in love with media and writing, half of his time is spent explaining to relatives why he chose to not be a lawyer. He tweets a lot too at @Qayzr.


Fikri Fadzil

Producer, The Wknd

Fikri is a graduate in Multimedia (Business & Marketing) from Swinburne University, Fikri Fadzil is the creative director and partner at graphics and multimedia studio Bright Lights At Midnight, and founder of The Wknd.


Faiz Fadzil

Audio Producer, The Wknd

Faiz is a producer and audio engineering wizard. He takes live performances and turns them into works of art, indistinguishable from multi-month studio recordings - capturing the energy and essence of the band in its purest form.



Ezra Zaid

Host, That Effing Show

Ezra is the host of That Effing Show, a popular satirical online series delighting in the absurdities of Malaysian news & politics. On your drive home, he can also be heard on BFM 89.9’s Evening Edition. A graduate of the University of British-Columbia in Canada, he is a proponent of freedom of expression and enjoys air drumming when nobody is watching.

Umapagan Ampikaipakan

Host, Uma & Joe at the Movies

Umapagan Ampikaipakan is a media moll. You can find him almost everywhere - from newsprint to the world wide web, from radio to television. Blessed with a critic’s pen and a reader’s enthusiasm, Uma is one of our foremost literary voices. His radio show, Bookmark on BFM89.9, is Malaysia's pre-eminent broadcast on all things book related. He is also a film critic with Uma + Joe at the Movies and the co-host of BFM89.9's drive time radio show, The Evening Edition.

Illya Sumanto

Host, Giler Selamba Jane

Illya is a spoken word poet, event organiser, and part-time TV host. Being a teacher makes her feel complete. She directs choral speaking, plays, and musicals for children and was also part of Oh My English 1&2 at School programme.


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